Annuaire d'entreprises de Wakefield

Sports & Fitness

Club de Soccer La Pêche

The Club de Soccer La Pêche (CSLP) aims to offer to every player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and encouraging environment, where the accent is put on the pleasure of playing and developing skills; - At a level in accordance with his/her interest and to his/her skillfulness; - In a stimulating framework so that each player will have the opportunity to develop athletic and social skills to their personal potential; - In this endeavor, the CSLP strives to create a plan to provide a more athletic, more educational approach so the players may benefit from the best possible supervision to develop their athletic potential and to blossom healthily.
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Gatineau Valley Skating Club


Studio des sentiers

Private and small group personal training. Kettlebell fitness classes. Sports and Therapeutic Massage.
27 chemin des sentiersWakefield, QC
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