Annuaire d'entreprises de Wakefield


Aegle Events

Aegle Events manages sporting events to inspire health and well-being. Mission: To promote, practice, educate, enlist and contribute to communities with a vision... to transform current perceptions of health; to educate through experience; to empower through inspired giving. We accomplish this by: *Creating and supporting dynamic, challenging and safe sporting events for all ages; *Creating conferences that educate, re-awaken and empower people to take action towards genuine health; *Creating events dedicated to raising funds for local and global charities whose mandates target the health and well being of children and communities.
38 chemin Oak StreetWakefield, QC
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I am a Home Stager. Research shows that homes that are showcased and staged professionally sell quicker and for 3% to 7% more than unstaged homes.
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Eco Friendly Daycare

The aim of Eco Friendly Daycare is to provide a supportive, healthy, safe environment for your child to thrive in emotionally, physically and intellectually. I encourage independence, self-confidence, consideration and respect for others at all times. All children are treated in a gentle and caring manner. Education through awareness about the benefits that children and parents can receive through living an organic lifestyle such as the food we eat and the natural environment we live in.
33 chemin CroissantChelsea, QC
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HopsVox Video Production

Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Property Tours, Weddings & Special Occasion Videos. You dream it & I’ll bring it to life.
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Jo Leath

Jo Leath is a transition coach and labyrinth facilitator who works with people who are feeling disconnected from life and unable to cope with their life changes. Using a variety of modalities to connect with Cosmic Wisdom, she helps them to locate the structure under the chaos and reconnect with their authentic selves. This allows them to explore potential futures, and move forward into a life that is personally fulfilling.

OneVoice Stories

If you or someone dear to you would like to leave a legacy of life stories for future generations, I'm here to help! You decide what you want to capture and preserve. I record your stories, then transcribe, edit, format and publish them in print or electronic format, including photos. Preserving life stories can help to build relationships, promote communication and bond families. The stories themselves can foster better understanding and appreciation of your family’s ancestry and lineage. Call for more information, or visit my website: I'd love to hear from you! Chris Corcoran Beasley
32 chemin du Pic-BoisSte-Cecile-de-Masham, QC
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Ottawa Natural Hoof Care / Soins de sabots naturels de l'Outaouais

Natural Hoof Care (NHC) is the science and holistic practice of recreating for the domestic horse natural wear patterns as observed in wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin to favor a more natural hoof shape. Le soin

Peggy Brewin Cooperative Preschool

Peggy Brewin Preschool, has been enriching the lives of 3 and 4 year old children in our community for the last 40 years. At Peggy Brewing preschool you can expect your child to learn, develop and acquire: - Creative self expression through art and sensory projects; - Stimulating age appropriate activities that build fine motor and cognitive skills; - Positive play skills and having fun through socialization and play time; - Independence and self-help skills through bathroom routine; - A sense of responsibility and team work through tidy-up time; - Healthy eating, manners, and age appropriate social skills with snack time; - Pre-reading skills and independence with the Book Buddy Programme; - Pre-math and language skills and problem solving with varied activity stations; - Self-esteem, confidence and comfort with public speaking through show & tell; - and so much more! - Physical development and exercise in a natural environment through outside fun!
331 chemin de la rivièreChelsea, Farm Point, QC
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perfectrees/émondage outaouais

We are a local Chelsea based tree cutting business. We cut them, trim them, take care of them. Equipped with boom truck, chipper, splitter and much much more. Free estimates and fully insured.
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Wellness Learning Centre

The Wakefield Learning Centre Offers workshops and classes on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, such as self-healing, mindfulness, alternative fitness, health, wellbeing, etc. New workshops and topics every month. You can be added to the monthly Wellness Learning Centre bulletin by contacting Suzette.
23 chemin Mahon NorthWakefield, QC
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