Annuaire d'entreprises de Wakefield

Aliments et boissons

Patisserie La Toque

French pastries, custom cakes, cookies, Happy Goat coffee and more...oh yeah, ice cream too!
729 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.2319  • 

Pipolinka Bakery

Pipolinka is a bakery specializing in organic baked goods.
757 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC

Wakefield Bakery

813 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC

Black Sheep Inn

We are a humble jukejoint divebar tavern in Wakefield Quebec (around 22 minutes from Ottawa - Canada's Capital city)we've been around for more than 13 years as a music venue although we started as a logger's tavern and roadhouse back in 1928.As a music club, we've hosted many award winners and international acts.There are live performances every weekend and artists love performing in this one horse tinytown.
753 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.3228  • 

Kaffé 1870

715 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.3943  • 

Alpengruss Cafe and Motel

Nestled in the Gatineau hills of Quebec in the historic village of Wakefield, just 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa the Alpengruss Cafe & Motel offers visitors exceptional hospitality and value at refreshingly affordable rates. Situated on the main street of Wakefield, Riverside Drive, the Alpengruss Motel is literally within walking distance to over a dozen pubs, cafes and restaurants. It is situated close to 3 local ski hills, 2 golf courses and the famous Red Covered Bridge - a well known landmark on the Gatineau River.
831 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.2885  • 

Aries Cafe

745 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC

Bistro Rutherford

Bistro Rutherford is a family-owned and operated restaurant in the heart of Wakefield. Located within the legendary Black Sheep Inn, we provide a 28-seat dining room and plus a 50-seat seasonal patio overlooking the beautiful Gatineau River.
753 chemin Riverside, #AWakefield, QC
819.459.2100  • 

Café Pot-Au-Feu

794 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC

Chamberlin's Look Out

What makes our store a true, yet updated general store are the second floor boutique and bistro. Our unique upstairs facilities include a children's playroom, perfect for families, as well as a gorgeous patio overlooking the Gatineau river and village. With a seating capacity of 40 people inside and 50 outside on the patio, we offer healthy, fresh foods made with the same local products we sell downstairs - meat, cheeses, breads. Even the beer we serve comes from Quebec microbreweries renowned for produced small batches of top quality brew. Life doesn't get much better when you're relaxing near water. From our rooftop patio, our customers can watch the HCW (Hull Chelsea Wakefield) steam train chug into Wakefield, bask in the sunshine and breathe in the refreshing air wafting off the Gatineau River. Our patio is popular with the breakfast crowd who can catch the morning rays, read the paper, and enjoy a hearty, healthy breakfast.
804 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.2808  • 

Chez Eric Café & Bistro

Chez Eric Café & Bistro is a charismatic little bistro housed in a small heritage home. Step inside and you’ll immediately be greeted by delicious aromas and friendly cooks from our open kitchen. We’ll make sure that you feel at home in our cozy dining room, whether you’re heading to a show at the Blacksheep or celebrating a special anniversary. We certainly don’t have the fanciest of restaurant equipment and we have been described as quirky… but we are very serious about our food and love for food. We use the best ingredients and use them with respect, preparing virtually everything in-house. Our food is modern Quebecois, fun, colourful and full of heart. We find inspiration in the abundance of farms in the area, the bushels of vegetables and herbs grown onsite, and even from the variety of edible flowers in the Chez Eric garden.
28 chemin ValleyWakefield, QC
819.459.3747  • 

Jean Burger

88 chemin 105Wakefield, QC

Le Hibou

Located in the heart of Wakefield village, on the Gatineau River, Le Hibou is a café, bar and Pescatarian restaurant – that’s veggie and sustainable fish. Don’t be afraid to bring your steak-loving friends; our chef is so darn good we swear they won’t be missing a thing!
757 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.8883  • 

M.J.M.D Pizza de Luigi Pizza

Établissement familial pour le plus haut niveau de service à la clientèle et la qualité de nos produits. Elu meilleur pizza dans l'ouest du Québec.
12A chemin ValleyWakefield, QC

The Village House

759 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.1445  • 

Billys Deli & Pizzeria

Grands dégustation repas, des sandwiches, des soupes, hamburgers, salades, hot-dogs, ailes, nachos, pizzas et menu enfant / D`aliments Savoureux, sandwichs, soupes des, hamburgers, Salades, hot-dogs, ailes de poulet, nachos, pizzas et Menu verser enfant. Le célèbre Steve Burger que tout le monde s'extasie et les Vrais Smoked Meat Sandwiches et Platters Grand Méchant Loup Nate`s fait ses preuves.
883 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.2013  • 

Wakefield Express

883 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC

IGA Famille Charles

1716 chemin 105Chelsea, QC
819.459.2326  • 

La Confiserie Wakefield

817 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.1177  • 

La Forêt

La Forêt is a health-food store, specializing in organic, local and fair-trade products. We carry over 300 bulk-food items including nuts, seeds, dried-fruits, coffees, teas, herbs, spices, grains, beans, legumes, pastas, as well as baking and cleaning supplies. We also have a live juice-bar, where we make juices and smoothies from fresh organic fruits and veggies. We also have alternative medicine and packaged grocery items.
757 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.3555  • 

Wakefield General Store

When shopping at Wakefield General Store “Fresh”, “Nutritious”, “Delicious” are just a few of the comments you will hear from other customers. We offer a one-stop shopping experience that combines competitive prices on major brands like President’s Choice and No Name products with an emphasis on organic and local producers. We pride ourselves on having an excellent selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, top quality meat, and tasty, healthy, made from scratch prepared meals to go. Browse our flyer, available in store and save on over 100 weekly specials. Whether you are looking for beer, wine, DVD’s to rent, rubber boots, shirts, hunting and fishing permits, we have it all, a true, one stop shop.
814 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC
819.459.2808  • 

sur la lune

Home made ice cream and pie.
761 chemin RiversideWakefield, QC